Church Hall refurbishment Hertford Baptist Church

The Hall adjoins a Grade 2 listed Church building and had become a dull, cluttered and noisy environment. Storage cupboards took up a significant amount of floor space. The congregation wanted a well lit space with flexibility for different activities.

The internal environment of the Hall has been improved by:

  • Removing a 1960's suspended ceiling to expose the original sloping ceiling profile.
  • New lighting and heating installations.
  • Constructing an extension for furniture and equipment storage.

The refurbishment incorporated:

  • Additional roof insulation.
  • Replacement timber windows to match original windows, with double glazing units to reduce heat loss and improve acoustic insulation.
  • Lighting installations using long life, low energy lamps.

This is the most recent of several projects undertaken for the Church that have included:

  • Providing offices and meeting rooms.
  • Refurbishing a house for church workers.
  • Accessible WCs and access improvements.
  • Kitchen refitting.

The refurbished Hall is a great improvement and works well for all age groups and activities.

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Church Hall refurbishment photo 1 Church Hall refurbishment photo 2