New community building Watton at Stone

The Parish Council commissioned a new building with enhanced facilities on the site of an existing Pavilion on the village playing field.

The bulk of the single badminton court sized Sports Hall is reduced by lean-to elements on either side containing ancillary accommodation:

  • ‘Pavilion’ with Kitchen.
  • Meeting Room.
  • Changing accommodation for outdoor and indoor sports.
  • Storage.

The Sports Hall was given the nickname ‘giraffe house’ because of its proportions and high level windows.

Flexibility in the layout allows simultaneous, alternative uses. Care was taken to minimise wasteful circulation. The building is constructed from low maintenance/ easily maintainable materials and finishes. Maximum use of daylighting, natural ventilation and useful solar gains reduce operating costs.

The project was one of the first National Lottery funded sports buildings in the county. The village cricket club opened the building with a win in May 1996.

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New community building photo 1 New community building photo 2 New community building photo 3 New community building photo 4